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Why Insurance Agencies Need To Stop Automating Customer Service

While the world is moving more towards automation, businesses still rely on humans for customer service– and for good reason. While it’s convenient for businesses to set up automated menus and answering machines to deal with customers’ concerns, the statistics... Read More

Why Zoom is the Best Free Video Communications Platform for Insurance Agencies

Have you used Zoom yet? Chances are, if you’ve worked from home since the COVID-19 pandemic began, you’ve quickly become quite familiar with the video communications software. The easy to use and simple interface Zoom offers, quickly became a work... Read More

Calendly: The Best Free Meeting Scheduler For Insurance Agencies

Scheduling appointments and meetings is one of the most common tasks at insurance agencies. Whether you’re meeting with a client, prospect, or a co-worker, making that process more efficient is a great way to save time. While there’s a multitude... Read More

Why Insurance Agencies Should Use LastPass For Password Security

Password security is extremely important and with insurance agencies accessing a variety of websites, applications, and internal tools to get work done, a lot of these different online avenues require passwords. Remembering a bunch of passwords is not easy to... Read More

Why Insurance Agencies Need Google Reviews To Boost Business

There’s no doubt that customers use product and service reviews to determine any purchase decisions they are going to make. As far as online reviews are concerned, Google takes the lead. One quick search for your agency and Google pulls... Read More

How Microsoft Teams is a Power House for Insurance Agency Collaboration. Instant Video, Chat, Voice Call & More!

For many insurance agencies, choosing a collaboration platform can be a new challenge. Since the industry is more traditional as compared to more digitally advanced industries, it can be challenging to navigate what app would best suit your agency. We... Read More

How to Ensure Security & Productivity Through Remote Work

Since the coronavirus pandemic spread across the entire globe, many insurance agencies have had to take quick actions to shift their workforce to a remote working environment.  The sudden shift has forced many agencies – many with little-to-no previous remote... Read More

ePayPolicy: The Digital Payment System Built For Small To Medium Insurance Agencies

How would you like to take checks and credit cards in one system, designed specifically for insurance agencies? When people discuss the future of payments they tend to predict the end of cash. In the past few years, we’ve seen... Read More

Edge Insights: How Bridge Lets Insurance Agencies Call, Text, Fax, Chat & Get E-Signatures from One System

Imagine being able to use all the communication tools that insurance agencies depend on from one system, one computer, and from anywhere in the world? There is a clear shift in many agencies adopting multi-channel approaches to help engage with... Read More

Edge Insights: Insurance Agencies are Obsessed With Slack’s Free Features

As COVID-19 continues to hamper usual work-life balance with many insurance agencies now working in silos from the comfort of their beds, many are scrambling to adopt the best possible approach and tools to improve productivity and engagement. But we... Read More

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