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How Insurance Agencies Can Improve Customer Experience

If you have your own business, you’ve probably heard the advice: the customer is always right. This mantra is essential for any business owner to understand because it’s what allows you to make massive sales. Remember, your product or service... Read More

The Edge Academy: How We Train Our Ambassadors In Health & Life Insurance For Your Agency

Hiring someone virtually has become a smart business decision simply because it costs less money and time to onboard them. At Edge, we bring those smart business decisions to insurance agencies. We provide you with a fully trained, remote professional... Read More

How an Edge Ambassador Completely Owned an Insurance Agency’s COI Requests

If you’re still doing certificates of insurance (COIs) then you’re losing big money. Most insurance agencies spend a lot of time on COIs simply because they have an account manager doing it on the side. The issue that often arises... Read More

Edge Is Growing Rapidly, What Does That Mean For Your Insurance Agency?

Since 2020, Edge has grown a tremendous amount. Starting from a small-scratch with just under 5 people on our team early last year, we’ve grown by 1500%. Today, Team Edge consists of more people than we envisioned.  On the flip-side,... Read More

How an Edge Ambassador Helped an Insurance Agency Decrease Missed Calls from 20% to 0%

Missed calls happen. If you’re like many business owners, you don’t think that missed business calls are a big deal. As an insurance agency, constantly attending calls can become difficult especially if you have a small team and don’t have... Read More

How an Edge Ambassador Helped an Insurance Agency Remarket Business

Most insurance agencies let insurance policies renew without any changes and don’t talk to customers about any new options. Remarketing business is all about finding out if there’ve been any changes in carrier prices and providing better options to your... Read More

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