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Iffi Wahla Founder
Chief Problem Solver, that's my role here. Edge started out as a passion project for me and continues to blow me away every single day. Realizing how much talent there is in different parts of the world is truly astounding. I've always had a people-first approach in everything that I do and the bottom-line is that at Edge we take care of our own.
Ali Zia Chief Operating Officer
Hi this is Ali Zia. I have been with Edge since the beginning, and what a wonderful journey it has been to watch it grow. I have done my Bachelor and Master’s from London, and boy do I miss the fish & chips and £££! As the COO, I believe in giving my 100% and expect the same from my team. Aside from work, you will find me holding my daughter and playing PS4 or going for a swim. I always aspire to excel in whatever I do.
Maryam Awais Head of HR
A people-person at heart, I love interacting with new faces and learning about their experiences. People management is a very intricate job but I find that it's a part of every day life. Navigating that with kindness, compassion, and understanding has been my recipe for success. Head of HR and also a full-time mom, the balancing act has been seamless with Edge.
Minza Ahmad HR Manager
I meet new people every day as part of my role here at Edge. Talent is one of those things that can come in many different forms and I like to believe that everyone has something special to offer. Bringing in amazing people and watching them grow has been an incredibly gratifying experience. I love my team and even more so, love being a part of watching them succeed here. When I'm not in my office, you can usually find me chatting away over a cup of chai!
Nicole Connors Head of Sales
For Nicole, sales is like a game of chess and she loves the thrill of finding the right strategy for each unique situation. She genuinely enjoys meeting new people, learning about her clients, and creating a custom solution for them... which is why she was given the nickname Nicole "Always Be Closing" Connors. Outside of work, you can find Nicole out exploring nature, reading, tending to her many plants, or with her favorite person, her daughter.
Siham Shiekh Head of Marketing
When it comes to all things marketing, my rule is simple - "trust the process." Great marketing requires great collaboration and a whole lot of coffee - make that iced! Edge truly provides a collaborative experience like no other and being a part of it has been nothing less than amazing.
Mariam Ali Client Success Specialist
Working as a bridge between clients and ambassadors has made me learn how every person is unique from the other bringing a different set of skills to the table. Being in this role here at Edge has made me learn numerous skills and gave a boost to my confidence, alongside great new friends and a healthy work environment. Outside of work, I like to listen to music, go on drives, paint and enjoy the little moments.
Abe Gibson Sales Development Executive
Abe calls himself Abe “Long Tom” Gibson. No one understands what that means. He thought this would be the perfect opportunity to elaborate! Long Tom (noun) - a long sluice used by prospectors to funnel water from a stream to separate gold from dirt. This is analogous for what Abe does every day. Top funnel sales is a lot like a long tom - sorting gold from dirt.
Salman Nasir Client Success & Quality Control Manager
Hi. This is Salman Nasir. I've graduated with a MBA in International Business and Marketing. I am a strong believer that when the right pieces come together great things can happen. At Edge, it has been an immense journey working with a group of diverse, fun and smart folks who are passionate about what they do - constantly introducing new perspectives and pushing beyond the boundaries of an average idea. Aside from work, I love Manchester United Football Club and I've been supporting them since I was 11 years old. I am also an obsessive jogger.
Robert Hemmings VP Sales - Edge Health
My entrepreneurial spirit and love for helping other’s led me to my position as the Vice President of Heath Sales here with Edge. People are the reason why organizations succeed, so I cannot be happier when I see our company place all of the right people in all of the right places. Those same qualities that lead my career I try to pour into my community as much as possible. I coach basketball at Breakthrough Urban Ministries and the Jordan Foundation, STEM teacher at Blue 1647, and was the Advisor to the President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. On the weekends I enjoy long rides on my Harley, playing softball, and enjoying the lakefront here in Chicago with my two dogs Roscoe and Riley.

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